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Jim Plante

Jim Plante: A True Leader in the World of Preventive Health Technology

Staying healthy is a top priority for most people these days. It takes cutting edge preventive health services in order to stay one step ahead of the worst kinds of illnesses. Jim Plante has focused his considerable knowledge and experience on preventive health and technology for years. He started off in this field by working at his dad’s company as a young man. This company was in the medical technology field, which obviously struck a chord with Mr. Plante.

Jim Plante’s Education and Foundations in the Business World

After high school, Jim Plante proceeded to earn a bachelor’s degree at Southern Illinois University. His degree was in electrical engineering, and he put what he learned in college to good use over the years. After college, Mr. Plante followed his entrepreneurial spirit and started up four different venture capital supported companies in the technology industry. Jim Plante has played a key role in the launching of a dozen product lines/services to the market place. These products/services ranged from automotive to wireless technology.

Laying the Foundation for Pathway Genomics

Sadly, Jim’s father passed after a battle with polycystic kidney disease. This genetic disease got Jim interested in preventative health once more. He went on to found Pathway Genomics with a goal to offer affordable genetic tests and medical services available to the public. Jim Plante’s efforts in this field have helped to make him a leader in the always growing field of preventive health technology.